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Insurance Professional
of the Year Award

Insurance Professional of the Year Criteria:

The NAIFA-Tennessee Insurance Professional of the Year Award will be presented annually at the Fall Conference to the person judged to have made the most significant contributions to the life and financial services and health insurance industry in Tennessee. This is the highest honor bestowed upon an individual within our state association and is intended to represent recognition for a lifetime body of work. The recipient must be a current member of NAIFA.

Determination of the award winner will be made by a committee appointed by the President composed of previous winners of the award. A distinctive plaque will be presented.

The following criteria will be considered, with weight given to each area according to the percentage listed:
1. Local Association Activities 20%
2. State Association Activities 40%
3. National Association (NAIFA) and Allied
Organization (GAMA, AALU, WLUC, MDRT, ASCLU, etc
Activities 20%
4. Community Service Activities 10%
5. Special Achievement Reflecting Favorably on the Industry 10%

Activities during membership in NAIFA-Tennessee will be considered in the judging.

The deadline for nominations to be received for this award by September 30, 2022.

Nominate Here

If you submitted a nomination previously and the nominee wasn’t chosen, you will need to re-submit the nominee again. It is the responsibility of the local chapter/and or affiliate to make the nomination to ensure the paperwork is correct and up-to-date.

The current state President and President-Elect of NAIFA-TN are ineligible for the award while serving in office, and previous winners are also ineligible. The identity of the recipient will remain a secret until the time of the awards ceremony unless earlier notification is required to assure attendance by the recipient.


Recipients of the NAIFA-Tennessee
Insurance Professional of the Year Award

2020 Larry Smith, Knoxville
2019 Roger D. Anderson, Jackson
2018 Wayne McCullough, Memphis
2017 Mark Miller, Memphis
2016 John Felton, Knoxville
2015 Patrick E. Moore, Nashville
2014 John S. Holmes, III, Knoxville
2013 Marcus T. Henderson, Nashville
2012 Robert L. Queener, Murfreesboro
2011 Doug BeVille, Chattanooga
2010 Robert Flack, Nashville
2009 Ruby A. Miller, Oak Ridge
2008 Katherine Bishop, Chattanooga
2007 Fred White, Chattanooga
2006 Gibbs Smith, Nashville
2005 Tom McDonald, Nashville
2004 Darol D. Walker, Clarksville
2003 John Milam, CLU, Knoxville
2002 No award recipient
2001 Philip M. Cavender, Murfreesboro
2000 Thomas E. Cooper, Memphis
1999 C. Robert Brown, Memphis
1998 Robert B. Anderson, Johnson City
1997 Ray C. Thomas, AFC, Murfreesbo
1996 James V. Hunt, CLU, ChFC, Nashville
1995 John P. Dewald, CLU, ChFC, Memphis
1994 R. Scalter Brown, Jr., Nashville
1993 Al Ferguson, LUTCF, Johnson City
1992 Steve K. Johnston, Nashville
1991 H. Don Gilbreath, Chattanooga
1990 John B. Peyton, CLU, ChFC, Memphis
1989 John Boone, CLU, Nashville
1988 Martin Moseley, Murfreesboro
1987 Raymond H. Moran, Memphis
1986 Jack K, Westbrook, Knoxville
1985 Locke Thomison, CLU, Chattanooga
1984 Todd Baker, RHU, Nashville
1983 W. Guy Allison, CLU, Knoxville
1982 Peter J. Speropulos, Jr., Johnson City
1981 John F. Graber, CLU, Knoxville
1980 Charles A. McDowell, CLU, Jackson
1979 Edward C. Dunn, CLU, Nashville
1978 Ewing Carruthers, CLU, Memphis
1977 H. Kirke Lewis, CLU, Memphis
1976 Peter P. Mitrushi, CLU, Bristol
1975 James A. Davis, CLU, Chattanooga
1974 James B. Irvine, CLU, Chattanooga
1973 Hagan H. Stevens, Bristol
1972 Bob Hopper, CLU, Chattanooga
1970 James K. Pace, CLU, Memphis
1971 Clinton Campbell, CLU, Knoxville
1969 Willis Jackson, CLU, Knoxville
1968 Scott Clayton, CLU, Nashville
1967 Kenneth T. McCrary, Knoxville
1965 Jack B. Turner, CLU, Clarksville
1966 Lester A. Rosen, CLU, Memphis
1964 Russell Perry, CLU, Memphis
1963 David M. Blumberg, CLU, Knoxville
1962 Jeffie C. Johnson, Chattanooga
1961 J. W. Wood, CLU, Nashville